below are the major items used in manufacturing car wash 

but before we proceed you need to know what car wash is used for;

car wash is a liquid soap used in washing cars  not just cars but any type of makes the colour of the car/any type of vihecle to be sparkling.

then for those in Nigeria,this may be of good help to you;especially youths,you can learn how to manufacture these and used it to sustain your self,instead of siting down and do nothing.

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  • sls
  • perfumes
  • colourant
  • texaepon
  • phomaline
  • sulphonic acid
  • soda ach
  • park r
  • water
  • wax
  1. SLS:it is a substance that makes it to be forming very well.
  2. Perfumes:it is used to make it have good aroma.
  3. colourant:it is used for colour[used blue colour for car wash].
  4. Texaepon:it is a substance that help to bust the forming.
  5. Phomaline:this substance serves as a preservative agent.
  6. Sulphonic acid:this substance help in weakness of the stain.
  7. Soda ach:this also is a stain removing the agent.
  8. Park R:it makes it to be thick.
  9. water:used for the mixture.
  10. Wax:it is used to make the colour to be sparkling.                                                                                                                                                                          Also remember that thera are some precautions to be taken.
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