"Oga leave me alone. I don't need your stupid love"- Visibly angry Nengi tells Ozo (videos)

All appears not to be well in Ozo and Nengi’s ‘paradise’ as she has told him to leave her alone and that she doesn’t need his “stupid love.”

Last night while at their Saturday party, Ozo tried to get close to Nengi and she affirmatively told him to leave her alone.

”I don’t need your stupid love. Oga leave me alone” Ozo told her as he apologised to her for what he said to her

Earlier that day, they both had a misunderstanding when he cautioned her for eating the last piece of chicken in the plate while they had lunch. This got Nengi irritated as she felt disrespected.

Nengi was so angry with Ozo that she even called on Biggie to allow her to leave the party as Ozo was becoming a ”piss in her ass”.

Watch all the videos below..


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