Below are few simple steps, on how you can easily run a have way format on any computer wether desktop,laptop and the rest.

Please before  you even think of embacking on this method of formating,make sure you have a little knowlege about it, and with these steps you are good to go.

NOTE: we dont just run a have way formating just because we want to ‘NO’,

Below are some reasons why we run a have format.

*When a Computer cant detect the flash drive due to USB pot, might have develop minor fault,

Or when the CD ROM, cant load very well E.T.C.

Now lets proceed to the simple steps on how you can get it done.

First step: remove the HDD from that particular computer which have the above listed fault and then insert it to other perfectly working computer that you wish to run format, make sure it is properly connected to avoid shacking, which may end up corrupting the formating.

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Then after that, power on your computer, and press the apropriate boot menu button.

Note: each product have their different boot menu button, Like HP boot menu is F9 and DELL is F12.

Second step: After clicking on the appropriate boot menu button, it will take you to where you have to select your boot option, Like if your using CD plate to run the format, just select CD ROM, and if your using flash drive, then select USB MASS STORAGE.

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After selecting your boot option, it will take you to where you will  have to select  your language and also to where you will select and delete the particlar files you wish to remove.

How to run a have way format on a computer

Third Step: When your done with the step 2, it wil now proceed to this place in the picture below.

How to run a have way format on a computer

Pls at this stage you have to be at alart, immidiately it runs the final stage and off itself, pls act first by long pressing the power button, for the computer to shut down, if it is desktop you can easily disconnect the wire from the power cod, and then remove the flash drive,

Congratulation, becuse you have just finished with the first chapter.

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Now lets proceed to the second chapter.

At this stage, you have to remove the HDD again and insert it into the previous computer, always make Sure it is done properly to avoid corrupting, after your through inserting the HDD, then power on your computer, and i know you will be suprise to see your computer resuming from where it stoped before,

NOTE: Dont click on any button after powering on your computer pls allow it to run by itself.

When it finally returns to this stage in the picture below.

How to run a have way format on a computer

Now you can continue with the formating as usual,

Incase you have any question dont hestate to ask me

Thanks and Good luck.


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