James Of ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ Reacts After Nkechi Blessing Calls Out Men Who Wait For Their Women To Ask For Money


James Of ‘Jenifa’s Diary’  has reacted after Nkechi Blessing blasted men that a real man does not wait for a woman to ask for money before he gives her.

Her statement was received with mixed feelings as some of her fans are in agreement as others are also not in support of the motion. Most users were of the view that if women are truly independent and successful, they would not need money from their men to show how much they care for them.

Uba Michael (James Of ‘Jenifa’s Diary) reacted to her statement as he slid into the comment section of an Instagram blog to share his thoughts on the matter.

He wrote below:

“Sigh…… the way women call man and money in one sentence now is disturbing. Relationships now is money money money….. ofcus we know money is important but can we talk of other things that makes d man? Values and all? This is the reason many ppl eventually break marriages bcus u married the money and not the person and dey end up saying f#@k love as if na the love cause ur problem. Every man knows its important to take care of ur woman, but make una stop to dey spread mattrass ontop dt one alone biko. I tell my female friends n sisters to make their own money o so money wouldnt be the reason u stick to a man. Man Money Man Money Man Money….. ah!!!”

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