Last born tired of doing ‘boy boy’ for her family writes them a hilarious letter and it goes viral


A girl who is the last born has written her family a letter with a set of rules after she got tired of being the one expected to run most of the errands at home.

The girl named Mehitabelle has two older sisters named Michelle and Mirabelle and she feels they do not do as many chores as she does so she wrote a list of rules, detailing what work she is willing to do and the ones she will no longer do.

She also pointed out the areas where she expects her siblings to do better and warned them about sending her on certain errands.

She spoke about putting on the generator, being woken after she has gone to bed to put it off, doing the dishes, bathing, feeding and cleaning their dog, etc.

She also mildly addressed her parents in the hilarious letter and mentioned that she was tired of doing “boy boy” for her family.

The letter was shared on Twitter by her sister Mirabelle and it has now gone viral.

Read the letter below.

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