A Zimbabwean woman, Maria Mthembo, has confessed to having an adulterous relationship with a neighbour for 10 years that resulted in the birth of her four children.

According to iHarare, Mthembo confessed after she was caught in bed with her long-time lover, Amos Paradzai.

It was reported that Mthembo was married to Erick Moyo and they lived in Ndandulo village in Gokwe. Moyo died two months ago.

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Mthembo’s in-laws accused her of desecrating the home she used to share with her husband.

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A source told iHarare, “Her in-laws were not happy about the incident, saying she was disrespecting their son’s homestead.

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“Upon confrontation, Mthembo confessed to having a relationship with Paradzai for the past 10 years.

She also revealed that her late husband was not the father of her four children, but that Paradzwa was the real father.”

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When she was sued at the community court, she told the local chief that her late husband was infertile and he knew that the children were not his, although he didn’t know who their biological father was.”

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