Nigerian Lesbian, Moji Solar-Wilson slams TV host Morayo Afolabi-Brown, accuses her of promoting physical abuse on gay people (Video)


Nigerian Lesbian woman, Moji Solar-Wilson, has accused TV host Morayo Afolabi-Brown of using her platform to promote homophobia in Nigeria after she made a comment on her show.

Recently, Morayo who hosts Your View on TVC, had an episode where she and her panelists deliberated on the challenges of parenting abroad.

During the show, Morayo spoke of how she felt unattractive after she had an accident, as no boy was coming around to hit on her. She said she started thinking she was gay and started to hang out with the gay community. According to her, her brother noticed the changes in her and beat the gayness out of her.

I had that phase in my life. I have shared it here before. I thought I was gay at some point. I was a girl, I had an accident and just felt like boys did not like me and I just started hanging out with the gay community. There was a lady, her name was Sara. She was the head of lesbians in school. She was at the top floor, that was her room, people feared her and I used to go there to hang out. So I had that phase.

My brother had to slap it out of me. When I came home and was bouncing in baggy jeans and all, he slapped me…I remember him beating me as an adult in the US” Morayo said

Reacting to Morayo’s comment, Moji who is an openly gay Nigerian woman married to her wife in the US, took to her Facebook page to bash Morayo for her comments. Moji is of the opinion that Morayo’s comment will instigate more people to continue the attacks on homosexuals in Nigeria.

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According to Moji, being gay is not what can be beaten out of anyone. She recounted how she went for all kinds of Christian prayers to get herself to stop loving women, including sleeping on the grave of a clergyman, but it never worked.

”I don’t have a problem with someone saying I cannot handle being gay but don’t promote physical abuse because what you do on your show, a lot of Nigerians watch your show and all you are doing is promoting violence against homosexuals which is absolutely unacceptable.

When you are telling people that your brother slapped homosexuality out of you, you are telling people in Nigeria to go around slapping homosexuals because then they would cure them of homsexuality which is a lie” she said

Watch the video below

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