Here are types of Hard Disk Drive [HDD] and various sizes which can be found on the computer, whether desktop, laptop or mini laptop.

1.SATA Hard Disk Drive: This can be found in many new modern pc, they are the type of HDD that has a flat mouth, like in pics below,

Types Of Hard Disk Drive[HDD] In Computer And Their Sizes

They also have their different sizes,

* One terabyte, *500GB, *300GB, *250GB, *160Gb, *120GB, *80Gb, *75Gb, *64GB, *60GB, *40Gb etc.

Note; some of The sizes listed above, cannot be found in Desktop Starter Hard disk drive, and San Disk Starter.

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2. IDE Hard Disk Drive: this type of HDD possess pin mouth, they can be found in some old pc.their sizes are different much lower than that of Starter Hard Disk Drive. see pics below;

Types Of Hard Disk Drive[HDD] In Computer And Their Sizes

Check out their sizes;

*160GB, *120GB, *80GB, *40GB, *20Gb.

Note: The major difference between SATA and IDE Hard Disk Drive is their mouth and sizes, they are both smaller than that of the desktop.

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3.San Disk sata: this type is smaller than that of Starter and IDE, they can be found in Mini laptop, most of the time ‘Elite book’mini. it possesses the same mouth as that of SATA HDD. See their sizes;

* 80GB, *120GB, *160Gb, 200GB, *250GB. etc.

4. IDE San Disk: this type can also be found in an old mini laptop, like that of IDE, they also possess pin mouth, see their sizes,

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*40GB, *60GB, *80GB, *120GB, *160GB. etc.

The major difference in all the listed Hard Disk Drive above is the mouth and their sizes.

I know some people may want to ask if they can use IDE in place of STARTER? the answer is No. because they do not possess the same mouth. you can also see them in the photos above.

You may also drop any of your questions via our comment box.



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