VIDEO: CHECK OUT What Laycon Told His Body Guards To Do As Soon As He Saw His Fans Approaching Him


Former housemate of Big Brother Naija Laycon came out of his hotel room to see hundreds of fans waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

Some photos and videos circulating on social media show Laycon having 2 abled men as bouncers who are currently giving him protection from evil people.

Laycon walked out of his hotel room to be mobbed by his fans and loved ones.

He was shocked to see a large number of people waiting for him to welcome him.

Smiling and expressing shock, Laycon told his bouncers to give him space so he can hug and touch all the people who have come to see him.

He told the bouncers to allow the people to come closer to him. He was seen hugging and shaking most of them.

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