‘Why I Dashed My Cars Out’- Nigerian Gospel Star, Frank Edwards Finally Discloses


Perhaps to embody one of the concepts of Jesus Christ’s teaching which admonishes Christians not to be engrossed with worldly materials since it’s vanity,

Nigerian gospel artist, Frank Edwards has revealed in a new post whey he dashed his two cars to people.

The singer disclosed in an Instagram post that there was a time in his life where he valued and loved his cars so much but has now found new priorities in life as he now wants good morals to dictate his lifestyle now.

He took to his Instagram page to share a photo of the cars he used to own and wrote:

Just years ago I had these two cars and it felt like This is it !!! I felt really good because I love cars. BUT !! As we speak I have none of them, I gave them all out 2 years ago Wanting something else.. MORALS: THERE IS NOTHING YOU EAT TODAY THAT WILL STOP YOU FROM BEING HUNGRY TOMORROW, SO TAKE IT EASY !! MATERIAL THINGS ARE NOT WORTH DYING FOR. ONLY ETERNAL THINGS LAST !! IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT THIS YEAR, THEY WILL PRODUCE BETTER ONES NEXT YEAR!!

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